Sailability Tasmania

Code of Conduct

We, the Committee and the members of Sailability Tasmania Inc. jointly and individually commit to the following principles:


1. To work together, enjoying participation, cooperation and creativity, in line with the aims and objectives outlined in our Rules of Incorporation.


2. To be inclusive. We celebrate that each of our members has something unique to contribute and we value their knowledge and their experience, regardless of race, religion, colour, age, gender, creed or political beliefs.


3. To represent Sailability and associated branches in a friendly and courteous way, promoting inclusive sailing in the community. When in public on Sailability business, we will be friendly and courteous and avoid any action that could bring Sailability into disrepute.


4. To give assistance and support to our fellow members. We acknowledge that difference in skills and experience exist and, when requested to do so, will offer whatever advice, assistance and support we can to fellow members.


5. To be open and tolerant. We encourage the lively exchange of ideas and opinions on issues of benefit to our Sailability community. We will concentrate on facts and truths and listen to different opinions with tolerance and forbearance.


6. To resolve disputes. Complaints, disputes and grievances will be dealt with promptly, sympathetically and sensitively in accordance with the Rules of Incorporation and to make every endeavour to produce a result that is satisfactory to all.


7. To focus on safety. A safe environment for our volunteers, guests, clients and carers is our shared responsibility. To ensure a safe environment we will encourage suggestions and consider and act on all submissions on safety and risk to all.


8. To aim for a high standard in communication. Our magazines, websites and other media, such as leaflets and brochures, will aim for best practice and will reflect out ethical values.


9. Change and evolution. The Committee will encourage suggestions from members and undertakes to give each suggestion a fair hearing and prompt feedback.